Oct 23

O noua obsesie. O noua piesa ramasa pe repeat…

“Maria” – The Tiger Lillies

He picks you up, in his car,
He opens every orifice and scar.
Maria, Maria

He cuts you down, in your prime
You will not wither or decline.
Maria, Maria

He tortures you, he holds you down
He beats you black, blue, green and brown.
Maria, Maria

He murders you, he takes your life
For Satan, Satan, Satan’s light.
Maria, Maria
Maria, Maria

He feasts on you from dusk to dawn
His knife your body will transform.
Maria, Maria

Your hair so long, your hair so brown
Now in his evil, in his evil you do drown.
Maria, Maria

He drinks your blood as holy wine,
Now in his evil you decline.
Maria, Maria
Maria, Maria
Maria, Maria

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